Happy New Year 2022!

Its 2022 … and we made it!

I would like to wish all my friends a very Happy New Year, filled with lots of love, happiness and unforgettable memories. 

I wish for everyone to ‘wake up’ for just a bit this year, and do something positive, unselfish and compassionate.  Let’s all do that, and make a world a little better this year, it’s so needed!

The pandemic years were difficult for everyone.  May be these years were given to us for the reason, the reason to reorganize and reshuffle our priorities, to rethink what’s really important in our lives.  Many things were taken for granted by people before the pandemic hit.  Social gatherings and freedom to spend time with friends and family were never an issue, and no one ever thought it could become one.  We never expected that our health and health of our loved ones, could be in danger so quickly and so uncontrollably.  Now we are living through all that, trying to stay safe, to stay sane and simply to survive.  The world has changed, so we have to change with it … there is no other way!  

One very wise person once said: “If you have a problem, may be try to fix not the problem itself, but your attitude towards it.  Once you change your attitude towards it … the problem will disappear on its own”.  So, let’s try to change our attitude a little and focus on positive things in life, on things that make you smile and on people that make you laugh. 

Open your ‘bucket’ and shuffle your ‘bucket list’, and finally do those things that you always wanted to do, because … who knows how many ‘tomorrows’ we still have.

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